Monday, January 24, 2011

Chores {In Mpigi}

Last year, in an effort towards self sustainability in Mpigi, they planted a crop of maize corn.  Growing crops is also a great life skill for the kids to learn!

We were there a few days ago while everyone was working together to get the kernels ready to be milled into a fine powder called posho, a staple food in Uganda.

They will be able to sell the posho for around $400 or eat it themselves, taking that money off their food budget. We were told that the crop was great in quality and quantity, especially for their first year!!

Some of the kids were doing their normal chores in the afternoon as well, fetching water, chopping fire wood, which Joel was very happy to help out with, and peeling matooke for dinner!! We love that there is always something for us to help out with when we're there!!

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