Friday, January 21, 2011

Visit from the US Ambassador

Today we were honored to receive a visit from the US Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier, along with his wife and a large part of his staff. This past year the US Embassy awarded us with a grant that assisted with our agriculture programs at the Timothy Centre. We used that money to construct a bee keeping training shelter. This was the first chance that anyone from the embassy had to come and see the project first hand. 

Fortunately for us our friend named Lester, who comes from Northern Uganda to teach the bee keeping courses, was here today doing a workshop. So the timing couldn't have been better for the Ambassador to see the training centre in use!

 Lester is showing our visitors one of the hives. They took turns holding the hives which I (Jeff) can't believe, because I wouldn't touch it! These are what in Canada we would call African Killer Bees, but if they are treated properly they are safe, I'm told!

We also had time at the end of their visit to give them a quick tour of the rest of the Timothy Centre and explain to them the different programs we will be running here. 

We really appreciated the time they took out of their busy schedules to come and see our project in Masaka!

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mom g said...

Well Done ! So proud of all your hands on and admimistrative work Jeff, your work has been life changing for not one person , but communities of people and so it will continue long after your are home in Canada... As well as having a wonderful wife by your side to make it that must more possible !