Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life Lately

We can't believe we've already been in Uganda 2 weeks, time has flown by. We've been busy in Kibaale settling in and organizing the guest houses, meeting with all of the staff, as well connecting with our co-workers at the Timothy Centre.


The kids have been keeping busy playing football and soccer. There is a brand new Boys Soccer Academy that a couple of the teachers have started in Kibaale, it is very intense! Our boys lasted a half day on Saturday, which was literally soccer, for half of the day!! They were sooooo exhuasted when they came home.

We've been enjoying the avocado tree growing in our backyard.

There are also monkeys!

Mazzy and Esther have had a lot of fun reconnecting, they've been playing together since they were babies!

Here are the girls all dressed up for Esther's birthday party.


 It's been great to connect with a couple of our sponsor kids while here already, Stella lives doors down so we see her a lot!! Agnes is on a break from school right now, she is part of the Communities of Hope sponsorship programs with PAOS, and so she came by to visit the other day and tell us how well she's doing in school, she's first in her class!

A couple of our cute neighbors, Amos and Madrine.

The Teasdale family is living in Uganda for a few more weeks, we've LOVED spending time with them here!!

These photos were taken walking from the Kibaale Community Centre into town for sodas.

Sodas is definitely the big treat here for our kids!

We are so thankful for your support and prayers, we have been healthy and loving life in Uganda!!!

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