Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kibaale Staff Day

This year the staff day out was at an ostrich farm just 30 minutes away from Kibaale! It’s a beautiful property; we can’t believe we haven’t been here before. At times you can ride the ostriches, but they were in a bad mood on this particular day, so we’ll definitely have to go back!!

The staff divides up into teams for a sports day; they participate in egg races, relays, tug of war, football (soccer), and netball (similar to basketball) games.

Our kids had fun playing Frisbee, jumping rope, stalking ostriches, and learning some new dance moves!

It’s a good thing the kids had lessons earlier in the day, a good Kibaale party always ends with dancing! 

We’re thankful for this day each year, to see a new part of Uganda, but especially to get to know more of the staff in this relaxed setting! 

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