Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vocational School in Kibaale

One of the schools we help to run in Kibaale is a Vocational School. There are four classes; catering, tailoring, brick laying and carpentry. 

This school has grown a lot recently, it's almost doubled in size since we left two years ago and now has 78 students! There hasn't been enough space for the students in actual classrooms so they have been sitting under the trees in the courtyard.

 Here is a class in session under the tree while the construction for the school building goes on behind them.

A week after we arrived we began the construction on a 2 classroom school block. This will give the students an opportunity to do the written part of their curriculum indoors, out of the hot sun, or rain!

We thought it would be a good opportunity for the students studying bricklaying to assist with some of the construction and take advantage of more hands on experience!

It's great having all the kids back at school, it just feels right when they are taking over the compound!

 Way too cute!

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Mark Friesen said...

Very cool to see the classroom block being built; especially allowing the brick laying students to be involved...what a great way to learn!! Your pictures really capture it all.