Wednesday, July 31, 2013

House of James

Our good friends are sponsoring this adorable little boy, James. I had the chance to meet him at the beginning of Term 2 and give him a gift from his sponsors. This week I was finally able to head out on some home visits and made sure I got to his house too!

On our way to James house, Mugabi (responsible for the Sponsorship Office) says it is just up at staff housing, he stays with Pastor Eric and Peace! I was quite surprised to learn this, although I shouldn't be, since time after time I hear these stories of our staff caring for extra children.

Pastor Eric is the chaplain at Kibaale Community Centre and is also the Pastor of the church we attend in Kibaale Town, El Shaddai. His wife, Peace, is the secretary in the Primary school. They are a wonderful family who we admire so much, they have had much hardship over the years, losing 2 small children to different illnesses, but remain two of the most faithful people we know. 

James, along with his brother Steven and mother, attended Pastor Eric's church in town and that is how they got to know this family. The mother was struggling and knew that she could no longer support her children. She asked Eric and Peace if she could leave them, and return to her home in Tanzania. For two years now James and Steven have been living with Eric and Peace, and there is no plans for their mother to return at this time. Eric and Peace tell us this like it is no big deal.  We are so often humbled by our staff!!! 

When an opening came up in the Kindergarten class in Kibaale James was thankfully able to attend and be part of the sponsorship program! Steven is attending a school in town, in Grade 1, and is on the list for Kibaale as soon as there is space!

 James at his home which is in Kibaale staff housing.

 Peace and Eric's beautiful little girl, Faith.

 Their adorable son, Phillip.

James is very lucky to have such a loving family to care for him!

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