Friday, August 2, 2013

Night Safari

This week 3 of us will have birthdays, to celebrate we spent the day at Lake Mburu National Park which is only an hour and a half drive from the Timothy Centre. Friends of ours recently went on a night safari in the park and saw leopards, so we thought we'd try our luck as well, we're glad we did!!

We started the day with drinks at a new lodge just outside the park, it's a beautiful view and we were able to see a 21 foot Rock Python!

The drive through the park is beautiful and all these animals were easily seen from the main road!

The girls weren't quite sure about the warthogs!

One of the highlights of going to Lake Mburu is a safari boat ride, you see something different every time! Yesterday we saw probably the largest crocodiles we've ever seen, one of them was 20 feet!

 The night safari starts just as it gets dark, a guide comes with us and brings a spotlight along. It was actually really cool to see many animals at night time, and we were thankful we decided to try this out even though the night was ending and we had yet to see leopards. Just as we were reaching the main gate 10 feet from the side of the road was this beautiful male leopard! Just up from him was a female and then while we were watching them 2 young leopards ran out in front of our van, it was amazing and definitely the highlight of a great day!

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