Saturday, July 6, 2013


We had the opportunity this week to join the two grade 6 classes on an outreach trip, mudding a new house for one of our Grade 1 students! Our kids love helping out on mud hut days, it is of course a great excuse to get very dirty, but they also love to see how quickly a new home can go up in Uganda!

Harriet is the 2nd child in her family with 4 siblings! The house she was living in was falling apart and had a really bad roof with a lot of gaping holes. There was a “Where Most Needed” special gift for a mud house that came in and the staff in KCF found Harriet to be the most in need right now.

Mixing the mud!

 The Teefel family from Pacific Academy School is visiting Kibaale this week and joined in on this service project, the more hands the better!!!

Here is the family that is getting a new house! The beautiful Mama is bringing us pineapple and avocadoes and their Dad worked hard helping out all day with the mudding.

Oh, the mud!!

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