Monday, September 2, 2013

Kibaale Weekend

It is term break again in Uganda! We have been very busy with work in Kampala and at the Timothy Centre this past week, but are thankful to have spent the weekend there to check in on the projects going on!

As the school is closed it is a great opportunity to get maintenance work done. This term break we are fixing the dining hall, putting new improved stoves in the kitchen and painting the primary school.

We're also doing a bit of updating in the kitchen in our home as well the main guest house, they are both coming along really well!! The cupboards and tiling should be done next week and then we will paint and put the hardware on ourselves.

Mazzy is always very excited to be in Kibaale during the break, her very good friend Esther is home from boarding school!! The Tumwebaze family are our next door neighbours, they have 4 kids, also 2 boys and 2 girls. They are very cute and our kids have so much fun playing with them!! 

Their youngest, Julia, recently reached for some very hot milk and burned herself. It was hard to see this very happy and content baby girl so sad for a few days. She was herself again though today, she has no permanent damage to her hand and the burns are healing well, praise God!!!

Our kids are enjoying these rare moments of having the playground to themselves, they usually share with about 600 other primary students!

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