Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mazzy's Malaria

Mazzy woke up Thursday morning completely herself, but by 10 am was under a blanket and asleep on the couch, and it was a very warm day! Within the hour she was at the clinic, we are not on anti-malarial medication because we are here long term, so we immediately get checked at the first sign of a fever. We were shocked to hear that Mazzy had Severe (or complicated) Malaria. With a parasite count so high you'd think she'd have been feeling sick for days!!

She was moved to the hospital in Masaka and treated with an IV drip every 8 hours, when her blood was checked again on Saturday the malaria was not gone, so they continued with an injection treatment. This morning her fever broke and her blood test was clear, she has a few days of oral medicine to take and can now just take it easy at home and regain her strength.

THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed for Mazzy these past few days, we have felt such peace knowing she was covered in prayer by friends and family here in Uganda and back at home!!!

She's not too impressed with malaria, but it's good to see her spunk coming back!!

 A few hard days sitting in the hospital with her, but we are so thankful for the care she received and were reminded how fortunate we are, especially knowing the cost of her treatment for these few days is the same as an average monthly salary in Uganda!

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