Thursday, September 12, 2013

Teacher Training

 During Term Break at the Timothy Girls College our students return to their homes and the dorms and classrooms are used for a Christian teacher training course, offering a Certificate in Christian Education. Our colleague Arleen has been working for years developing and writing the curriculum for this course. After years of traveling all over Uganda and East Africa teaching and visiting other schools it was with a lot of excitement that we began hosting this course at the Timothy Centre 2 years ago. 

This is a 2 year course held during each school holiday, which is 3 times per year. The class we just hosted was in their last term and have now graduated the program! It is such an exciting part of the work we do in Masaka, education is an amazing gift we can give these children, but to have the opportunity to work with the teachers, and to strengthen their ability to teach from a Biblical Worldview is a tremendous gift!

Our good friend, Margaret attended this course 1 week overdue, she was happy that the baby waited for her to complete her course but is now at the hospital ready to deliver! We can't wait to meet this new little friend!!

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