Friday, February 7, 2014

Back to School!

February might be one of our favourite months in Kibaale, after the long 2 month break it is amazing to see almost 1,000 students back on campus every day.

 Look at the adorable Nursery students, stay tuned for information on sponsoring them very soon!!

Our good friend Margaret is back to teaching after her maternity leave, we love getting to help watch her adorable baby girl Patience in the afternoon.

We are very excited to be back to routine with the start of this new school year and are so thankful for all the teachers and staff committed to Kibaale, please pray with us for an amazing year!!

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Anonymous said...

Our visit to you last month whilst school was out was wonderful but oh how I wish we were able to transport ourselves back to be with you even if it was only for a day. To see those classrooms full of excited faces and to see your soccer field filled with children playing like all children should be able to. Praying you have an amazingly happy and successful year. Loads of love to you all from freezing Canada Cathy , Lauren and Connor xxx