Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break {with the PA Outreach Team & Wiebe Family}

 Kibaale was a full house last week with the Pacific Academy Outreach team and our friend's Cliff and Rachel Wiebe along with their kids and extended family, who all came to work in our school's, help with two mud houses, and see first hand everything that goes on in Kibaale!

 We began the week with a sports day for our Primary School classes, which is about 400 kids! It took all of our visitors helping out to make it a great success!! 

 Our own kids even helped out with running stations this year instead of participating, Avin helped with the 3-legged race which is always a favourite for the kids.

 Joel was in charge of netball since he was the only one to have even seen it being played before, thankfully one of our teachers helped him as there are a lot of rules to the game!

 Finn and Jacob Wiebe helped with volleyball, Finn couldn't sit out every game though, he had to join in on the fun!

Mazzy and Chloe Wiebe joined a class and went through all the stations together, it was a really hot day but they did great at keeping up!

 Rachel began sponsoring this Communities of Hope family when she was living (and working as the Director of Finance) in Kibaale in 2009. We all instantly fell in love with this Grandpa who is caring for several of his grandchildren. His home was in very bad shape and actually fell down a few months ago, so we're incredibly thankful to the Wiebe family and everyone that gave towards a new house for this family!

We asked Mzee (which is an endearing term for little old man) how old he was during our visit, he doesn't know his exact birthdate but based on what he does remember he's at least 110!

 The PA Outreach team was also able to mud a new house for a very needy Grade 1 student and her family, they were so thankful!!

 The Outreach team from Pacific Academy worked alongside all of the Grade 6 students from Kibaale, it was great to see everyone working as a team and also for the team to get to know some of the Kibaale students better.

 Our kids were pretty excited to get to mud houses 2 days in a row, the second day they got very dirty!!

The team had a great afternoon playing with the kids from the staff daycare in Kibaale, they sang songs together, made bracelets, and gave out some great new toys!

 Baby Patience was passed along between our children and the team, she is such a happy and easy baby it's hard not to want a turn cuddling her!

A highlight for Finn this week was turning 10!! He loved having the team around to celebrate with.

We were sad to say goodbye to the Wiebe family but we're SO thankful that they were able to spend this week with us in Uganda! 

The PA Outreach team is on safari today but we're excited to spend a couple more days with them at the Timothy Centre and in Kampala before they fly out on Thursday night. 

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