Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crocodile Farm Field Trip

There are quite a few challenging things to homeschooling in Uganda, but a perk is definitely the field trips we can take and life experiences the kids get. Recently we went to a crocodile farm near our home. Believe it or not this farm has over 3,000 crocodiles that they breed for food. For humans!! We've tried it (some of us) and it tastes like rubbery chicken. 

These crocodiles are 3 years old.

The younger kids weren't quite ready to hold the crocodile on their own, but even getting this close was pretty cool!

This is Benjamin, he is known for having eaten 16 people! He was looking a little hungry so we bought him a chicken.

The girls are comforting the chicken before it becomes dinner!

The sound of the crocodiles jaw snapping was incredibly loud!! It was amazing to watch this.

We decided to stay for lunch and ordered chicken as well, and here it is! That is very fresh food!!!

Avin approves, she said it was delicious!!

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