Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All Is Well

This is the last week of school for our students in Uganda so lately there has been a lot of speeches, parties and saying "see you!" as many of our staff prepare to spend the term break in their home villages. We are looking forward to finishing up a couple more weeks of our own kids schooling and then enjoy the Christmas season together! Christmas is very different living in Uganda, the weather for starters, but also because it is term break in Uganda the pace of life in December is much slower, and that is the opposite of our December in Canada! We do miss the seeing the lights everywhere, eggnog lattes, church services, and visiting with family and friends of course, but we are thankful for this time we have with our own little family!

This is the day we arrived back in Uganda after our furlough, the kids jumped in to regular life really quickly, it barely feels like we were even in Canada last summer!

Homeschool has been going pretty good, the kids have all added more online courses this year which is an adjustment, but they're enjoying it. 


Kampala is changing every week it seems, their newest additions of great frozen yogurt and a cafe from Nairobi that we love has the whole family very happy!!

Campfires, sprinklers and babies make for a great weekend, all year summer weather does not get old!!

A couple weeks ago our family got up early and went for a drive to Lake Mburo, there was a run to raise money for the park, but because of heavy rain the night before the road in was closed! It was a bit disappointing but we decided to go for a drive to see the animals and then go for a run as a family, it was amazing to be out so early in such a beautiful part of Uganda and then jog beside one of our favourite animals, zebras!!

Jeff's very favourite time of year, the Christmas Cup!! Kibaale is now in the semi-finals, yay!

A favourite part of being in Kibaale is spending time at the daycare behind our house, we will really miss these kids over the next 2 months!

Mazzy has everyone interested in a game on her iPod, she gave them all turns to play too, it's ridiculous how fast they catch on!!

650 families applied for our nursery school next year, there are only 54 spots available so please pray with our staff in the sponsorship office as they spend the next month meeting with these families at their homes and discerning the neediest of the needy, it is not an easy job.

Future Kibaale students!

We would love to hear how you are doing and what you will be doing to celebrate Christmas with your families!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all from Cathy, Lauren and Connor . Can't believe nearly a year has gone by since we were with you. X