Friday, November 28, 2014

Class Photos!

While the team from Pacific Academy School was here they not only gave out 1200 special gifts, but were also able to take all of the school's class photos for the first time. Avin helped out by giving everyone a treat after they had their photo taken!

Donations towards "A Gift for Every Child" which gives a gift basket of essential items, maize flour to last a family the 2 month term break and a new ball can be received until December 31st

Beautiful smiles!!

At 10 am it is tea time, where the nursery students get a breakfast of maize porridge.

The team introducing themselves and bringing greetings from Canada during a Primary School assembly.

One of the cutest events the team got to be part of was the daycare graduation party, there isn't a party in Uganda that doesn't end with dancing!

Grace, she is pure joy!

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