Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back to School

February is one of our absolute favorite months in Uganda, it's the start of school after the long term break. This year due to the election school started 2 weeks later than normal, so we were especially excited to see all of the kids in Kibaale again!!


Our brand new Nursery students are getting their first meal in Kibaale, maize flour porridge. 

The students back to school means our staff are back to work and so are their babies!! We love spending time at the staff daycare. 

Lunch time. 

Baby Blessed, we love you!! 

Our kids joined in on PE class when they found out it was Duck Duck Goose. 

For the first time ever we are running an Awana program in Kibaale. The grade 2 students will attend every Tuesday afternoon for 2 hours. The first week went off without any major problems and the kids loved it, yay!!! 

Pastor Kevin Schulz and his family are in Kibaale this month and have been great at helping out in chapels and with Awana. 

Our good friends the Anderson family are here for 2 months, we are loving having them in Kibaale with us!!

Please pray with us for a great year for our staff and students in Kibaale; for their health, the students to do really well in school and for them to grow closer to God.

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