Friday, March 11, 2016

The Anderson family visits us in Uganda, Again!

We are so excited to have the Anderson family, Dan, Sherri, Michelle, Ally & Kylie, visit us in Uganda again, for 2 months!! It is such a gift to be able to share with good friends the work we are doing here and have them experience parts of our life with us!! 

One of the best things on this visit was seeing them meet Rebecca who they have been sponsoring in Kibaale for 6 years. 

Babies home cuteness!!

 It was still term break when the Anderson's arrived, school started later this year due to the election,  so we spent some time in Masaka at the Timothy Centre getting ahead in homeschool, visiting babies, and helping with Joshua while he stayed with us.

This is still one of our kids favorite ways to travel the red dirt roads of Kibaale, and the Anderson girls love it too! We had a donation from good friends of ours over Christmas to fix a bore hole in the community that had been broken for a few months. When we arrived to check on the repair there was a long line up of kids that were filling their jerry cans, they were all so thankful for the fixed bore hole and clean water! 

Thank you Nelson family!!! 

The brick house that the Anderson family fundraised for and donated to Rebecca a couple years ago!! 

She is seriously the sweetest.

Lake Mburo is only an hour and a half from the Timothy Centre and with the new addition of giraffes in the park, one of our favorite places to take visitors! 

It didn't take long with the kids on the roof of the truck to spot the giraffes once we started our safari drive! 

They had so much fun, what an amazing experience for them to have together. 

These 2. Michelle came to visit Joel at the hospital when he was born, she was 6 days old! It's so fun for us parents to see them still really good friend 15 years later! 

They are the silliest, we are constantly laughing at them. It's been over a month into their time here and they're all still loving spending every minute together. 

Happy 13th Birthday, Avin! 

Having her best friend here was the best gift!! 

Thanks to so many generous donations that the Anderson family raised we were able to put gift baskets together and give them away to every new Nursery student at our school. These 54 children have been chosen out of hundreds that applied and were the neediest of the needy, they are all so thankful for this gift of food and essential items.  

Joy in giving, it's one of our favorite things to see here. 

It was International Women's Day this week and these women in Uganda deserve to be honored every day, I am humbled by their work ethic, commitment to their families and faith in Jesus. 

Kylie's soccer team also donated a lot of soccer uniforms and soccer balls that they were able to give away to a youth team in Masaka, they look so smart! 

16 fun hours in a very full car to spend the weekend in Kigali, Rwanda. Every time I go to this country I learn something new and am always amazed at how beautiful, clean, and organized it is. 

Yummy food and beautiful views. 

It's so special that these girls get to travel and have these experiences together. 

Ostrich Farm!! They aren't always the friendliest but this male was in a good enough mood to let everyone have a turn sitting on it for a picture, success! 

Campfire & s'mores! 

We're excited for a few more weeks of adventures with the Anderson Family!! 

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