Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break in Uganda

 A highlight for us every year is hosting families and teams over spring break, some of our favourite things happen while they are here; building a mud house, sports day, primary school outreach, and the Palm Sunday parade through town. This year was a full house, 2 families were here plus Team Uganda from Pacific Academy School.

Adorable Steven and his family are very excited to be getting a new home, we are so thankful for the donations from the PA Outreach Team and Hyer Homes that made this possible! 

Anette is Steven's Mom, she has 7 other children that she cares for in their home and she definitely was one of the hardest workers on the mud hut! 

The PA Team and the families visiting all worked together with our Grade 6 students, mudding a house each year is part of their own outreach class. 

 Sports day as always was the hottest day ever!! Everyone did amazing at leading their stations though and kept the excitement going for all of the students who loved spending their morning learning these new games.

Patience says forget daycare, pretending to be in Grade 1 is way more fun!! 

Every term the students in Kibaale participate in outreach themselves, this term it was helping families in our community. The PA Team went along with our grade 5 students to do some digging and harvesting maize. 

It's really hard work!! 

Joel and Michelle went along to help out too. 

Finn turned 12 on Palm Sunday!! 

The school marches through town and then has a church service together at the centre, it's always a great Sunday! 

We ended our time with the PA team on safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Elephants are my favourite. 

We saw 6 female lions in the early morning that were just waking up. 

Baboon babies! 

It was nice to have some time with just the Anderson family again before they flew back home. We are all going to miss them so much and are so thankful for the sacrifices it took to serve here for 2 months, for all the fundraising they did, and to just have this time visiting together! 

Uganda, 2009

The kids wanted to reenact a photo from the Anderson's first visit to Uganda, Mazzy thinks adding her makes it even better though!

 These 7 are going to spend a week together again at camp this summer, our kids are already counting down the days! 

See you soon, Anderson Family! 

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