Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meeting Judith

 One of our favourite things is hearing that family or friends sponsored a student in Kibaale, so I was thrilled to hear that my Mom decided to sponsor a second student this year. We had the privilege of meeting her and her family this week, this adorable little girl is Judith!! 

 There are about 1,000 students in Kibaale so it is impossible for us to know all of them. We make a point to get to know all of the students that our friends and family sponsor though, we check in on them in their homes, greet them every time we see them around campus (whether they like it or not!) and take lots of photos of them.

Judith's dad passed away recently and she now lives with her Mom, 3 sisters and 1 brother. She has 1 younger sister and everyone else is older than her, but they are all still in primary school. Her mom is a peasant farmer, they own a small plot of land so they are able to grow food for their own family, it's not enough to make a profit though. 

Her mother Florence was lovely, she quickly welcomed us into her home and thanked us for sponsoring Judith... thanks Mom!! It was so encouraging to see this hard working mama take pride in her home and children. She is working with everything that she has to support her family and is incredibly thankful for the help they will all receive now that Judith is at the Kibaale Community School!! 

Now that we have met her at home we went to see her in her classroom, she is in one of the Nursery classes and loves school. 

I love her, she already feels like family! 

We have a number of students in Kibaale still needing sponsors, here is the link to start sponsoring a student today! Send us an email that you did and we will go on a home visit to get photos for you of the student in their home and with their entire family. 

We are proud to say that 100% of your sponsorship dollars goes directly to the student, your $35 per month goes towards their education, uniform, meals at school and health care for their entire family. 

Here is a short video on sponsoring a child in Kibaale

We are looking to expand our staff team to include a Program Coordinator who will be based at the Kibaale Community School location. This self-funded or fundraised position would suit an adventurous person or couple willing to commit to a 1-2 year term, starting in January 2017. 
Full job description HERE! 

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