Friday, July 8, 2016


It's a good thing all 6 of us love babies, living in Uganda we find ourselves with babies to cuddle and take care of all the time!! They are also the best to take photos of, so here's some of our favourites from the last few months. 

Avin and Isaac

Joel and Joshua 

Mazzy and Blessed


Finn at the babies home with Isaac and Joshua


In Kibaale our house is 40 feet away from the staff daycare where there are almost 40 babies for us to cuddle and play with any time we want. It's one of my favourite things I was part of setting up in Kibaale, not only because of the ease it has brought our staff to have their babies on campus with them, but selfishly to have them all so close by. 

Gersham and Grace are 2 of the cutest siblings in the daycare!! Gresham is younger but since Grace isn't mobile without help he is quick to grab her a toy to play with or stop playing for a minute to make her laugh, so sweet. 

One of the newest staff babies, Shama was just born in May, I can't wait to have him in the daycare next term. 

We've loved being able to foster a couple of higher need babies in Masaka this last year. At the Timothy Centre we are just a few kilometres from our friends babies home which is one part of the organization they run, Child Care Denmark

It was just over a year ago that we were there for the day helping out and met a preemie they had just started to care for, Isaac. He needed to be held all the time to keep warm and woken up to eat every 2 hours, it took almost 2 hours to then feed him just a couple ounces of formula!   

Isaac at just a couple days old, not even 3 pounds.

Here he is on his 1st birthday, 17 pounds!! He's been a bit behind meeting some milestones so we still take him to our house for a few days at a time when he's feeling well enough, it's amazing the improvements we notice in just a couple days of 6 on 1 attention!! 

Joshua turns 1 on July 20th and we've loved every minute that we get to spend with him! Once he arrived at the babies home, also weighing only 3 pounds it was most helpful for us to take him a few days a week, and we quickly fell in love with this little baby! He has been a lot of fun to have lately; starting to play with toys, crawling, pulling up, and trying to copy words and sounds, it's such a fun age!! 

He loves Avin, she definitely gets the biggest smiles. 

If that's not enough babies in our week, every Wednesday evening our clinic in Kibaale goes into the community for baby immunizations, we love to go along to help weigh the babies.

Just 4 days old!! 

Okay Blessed, you're the cutest!