Thursday, July 14, 2016

See you again in September, Kibaale!

We can't believe we are already leaving Uganda this week, but just until September!! Joel was home last summer, but for the rest of us it will have been 2 years since we were in Canada, so we're getting very excited to see everyone! The last few months we've had a lot of things going on which definitely made time fly by! 

Our good friend Moses who works in the sponsorship office in Kibaale was married in June to Joanna, we were honoured to be a part of their Introduction ceremony which means getting dressed up in the traditional attire! 

It was great to have Gabriella join in with us too, she loved being at her first Introduction. 

At their wedding ceremony the following week Avin and Mazzy were asked to be Junior Bridesmaids, they absolutely loved it! They had a great day getting their hair and make-up done, getting to know Joanna better, having lots of photos taken, and dancing a lot!!

Such a beautiful couple! 

Patience joined them as the cutest flower girl ever. 

This year PA sent another team to Kibaale at the end of the school year, some of the graduating IB students. Getting to host students from Pacific Academy School, most of who have been supporting and praying for Kibaale since Kindergarten is always such a treat for us! 

This team was very hard working and eager to jump in and help out or try anything; from painting and work projects, running a sports day, leading chapel services and hanging out in the classrooms, we all loved our time with them. 

A favourite day for the team is always getting to mud a new house for a student in our school! 

Flavia and Sepirian both go to our school and were so happy to have a much needed new home, we are so thankful for the generous donation from ChildCare International

Flavia and Sepirian's family were also given a donation of mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sets by a family from our home church in Canada that were visiting Uganda this summer, thank you Wiens family!!

We've also been hosting a couple of return visitors this month. Both of these girls, Angela above and Madi below, had come to Uganda before on 2 week teams but wanted to come back for a longer time as volunteers. We have loved having them in Kibaale, and so have all of our students! 

Awana on Tuesday afternoons is going great, both our staff and students are loving this program! We had a little party to celebrate their first completed term. 

Gabriella is also hosting right now, her sister Alyssa and her husband Zach were able to come to Uganda these past 2 weeks. It's always an amazing gift for your family at home to see exactly what you've been doing here! How cute is their sponsor child Sandra? She is seriously one of our favourite kids in Nursery school, she always has a huge smile and wave for us when we see her. 

One last safari before we go, Queen Elizabeth National Park is our favourite and yet again didn't disappoint! We went for just 1 night and saw everything! 

Zach and Alyssa lucked out, a male lion isn't that common to see, and look at him just right on the road!

Friends of ours are just putting the finishing touches on their brand new safari camp, but they were kind enough to not only let us stay here for the night but also take our puppy Buff for the summer while we're away. We already can't wait to come back with the kids when we pick Buff up, we had an amazing night here! 

We also saw a couple female lions the next morning.

Even though we are not going to be gone that long it's always hard to stay goodbye to Kibaale, we feel so thankful that we get to live at our favourite place on earth!! 



See you again in September! 

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mamaof2 said...

Safe travels to you all! Thank you for all your work at Kibaale - Angela has had such an amazing time. Enjoy your time of rest and reconnection. - Carmen Tischer