Saturday, October 15, 2016

Settled Into September

Uganda instantly feels like home when we walk off the airplane.

Reunited! The kids were so happy to get back home and see our puppy, Buff. 

First day of school, grades 4, 7, 8, and 11, it's going to be a great year!!! 

On our first weekend back we went to the babies home, Joshua has grown up so much these past months and is even walking now! 

Finn and Peter

Joshua's smile is the cutest

First day of Term 3 in Kibaale!! We were so excited to see the daycare kids get dropped off first thing in the morning as their parents got ready for the students first day back. 

Patience, she is such a character

Daycare babies

As we went to greet the Community Services office we had a chance to cuddle baby Shama and see Agnes, who our family sponsors, she is one of the 18 Communities of Hope families. 

In the Sponsorship office the kids were finishing up their Christmas cards to sponsors

It doesn't really feel like we're home until we see these kids all over campus, we missed them all so much!! 

One of our teachers had baby Emmanuel while we were gone, we loved meeting him and taking turns cuddling this new tiny baby

Joel's new toy, the kids in Kibaale did not know what to think about the drone at first!  

We arrived back to a very bad dry season in Kibaale, no rain since May! We are happy to share that the rain began in October, thanks to everyone who prayed with us! 

Many of our students and other families in the community are without enough food because of this draught, please consider a gift of maize flour during this difficult time in Kibaale, a $30 donation will make a huge difference here! 

Famine Relief Donation

Happy 9th Birthday to Mazzy!!! All she wanted this year was to make cupcakes to share with all her friends at the daycare, it was a great afternoon celebrating with all these cuties! 

My baby is 9, craziness!!! 


We are so excited for this last term, join us in praying for our teachers and students, for their health and for their studies. 

Thank You for your support. 

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