Monday, November 7, 2016

October Visitors {& Lots of Babies!}

The month of October began with us hosting a team, Rachel Sledding, our co-worker on the Canada side brought her husband and 2 other couples who are parents of students from Pacific Academy School. They have all been supporting Kibaale through sponsorship, special gifts, and prayers for many years now so getting to show them Kibaale in person was special for us.  

Watching the kids during PE is always entertaining. 

Every Wednesday is chapel services for all of the students, when the weather is mild enough the Nursery students love to be outside.

Ron and Lisa Moody with Kapassi, a father of one of their sponsor students.

Many of the staff and students at Pacific Academy School sent gifts along for their sponsor students that we were able to give out, they were very thankful! 

Matthew and Colleen Peters with one of the secondary students they sponsor, Sylivia. 

New soccer balls! They were out on the field using a local soccer ball which they would have made themselves, so they were very excited! 

Our family helps out at the staff daycare every moment we can, the house in the background is our own, so we are literally steps away from these cuties all day long!! 

These sweet girls are two of Avin's favourite little friends. 

Ethan Andrew can keep up well with Finn, they are a great pair! 

When the babies are fussy or need to fall asleep they put them right on your back. 

Do not smile Gersham:) 

Gersham! He actually has the cutest smile, you'll see!!  

I have a million photos of Patience, she is so beautiful. 

Sassy Patience! 
Gersham smiling, thanks for the great photo Avin!!

Joel gets called Uncle Jeff, allllll the time by the babies, students, and even sometimes staff when they see him from far away! When the babies realize it's Joel they are very excited to see him though. 

We were able to spend a couple days in Masaka with the team as well at the Timothy Centre, and one afternoon we took them to the nearby babies home. 

This is one of the newest babies, Steven, he is actually 2 years old but the size of a 9month old, they are already seeing a difference in him now that he is eating regular meals. 

Oh Joshua, he is just too cute. 

After the team left we took our family to Kampala for the day to get groceries and see The Queen of Katwe movie, if you haven't seen it we recommend it! It was very well done and will give you a great glimpse into where we live! 

On our way home we stopped in at Sanyu Babies Home, we hadn't been here in years but this is where we met Mazzy and she wanted to see it now that she's older. 

This is Mazzy's crib, she was laying in here when we first saw her. She loved visiting Sanyu, she even met a few Aunties that were there while she was a baby. She can't wait to come back again soon and help out! 

Breakfast in the nursery school today is maize flour, bananas and pancakes! 

Mazzy and a few of her friends, they are actually taking a quick break from fetching water. 

This is Kawuka Moses, he just got sponsored by the Sunday school class at Coast Hills Community Church, thank you Kidz Life!! 

I will be sharing more about the famine relief in Kibaale next post, but have to mention it here too. We are experiencing the worst drought in 25 years right now, our community is really suffering. We are raising money for maize flour, a staple food here, and literally giving it out to our community as the donations come in. A $30 donation can feed a family for 1 month here and they are so thankful!! Thank you for considering helping out our community at this difficult time. 

"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." Galatians 5:25


Matt & Heather said...
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Matt & Heather said...

We love your updates: hearing about your lives and seeing pictures! And we were so excited to see a picture of sweet Edward! Thank you for all you do for Kibaale. You are always in our prayers.