Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Famine Relief

Giving Tuesday is today and we know there are so many opportunities to give but we'd love to share with you about the drought and famine our community in Kibaale has been facing. We are trying to raise at least $20,000 before Christmas to give over 700 families food during this difficult time.

It's been really hard to see the need, in an already needy area! Our staff say this is the worst drought in 25 years, people come daily to line up at our gate asking for help. There was no rain between May and October resulting in the loss of almost all crops. We have had staff members fainting from hunger, multiple people attempting to commit suicide because they are so overwhelmed, and there have even been a number of deaths in our community. 

THANKS to your generous donations so far we have been able to give out maize flour to every student in our school and hundreds of families in our community. There are still so many people in Kibaale though that have not received food, and we would like to make sure that especially as Christmas is coming, we've been able to feed the neediest families in our community.

Please consider a donation today to Famine Relief every $30 donation buys a family a bag of maize flour that can feed them for 1 month! 100% of your donation goes directly to buying maize flour and is given out right away!

We are so appreciative of our staff in Kibaale, they have advocated for the families in our school and our community, working over time to not only buy the most maize flour we can with our budget but help with organizing the give away days. 

Our kids have been a huge help to us as well these past few weeks, with weighing and packing the maize flour as well giving it away. 

Thank you for considering making a huge difference to one of the many needy families in Kibaale!! 

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