Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back to School

After a 2 month break we were so excited to have the students return to school in Kibaale last week. It just does not feel the same without 1,000 kids on campus! 

For the Nursery students it was their very first day of school, and they were adorable! Some of the kids came running right up to talk to us, and a few were pretty shy, it won't take too long for them to warm up to us though! 

The first chance to sponsor one of the new Nursery students will be at the New Life Gala which is raising money for the Kibaale Community Centre. If you'd like to attend on February 18th Jeff and I will be there and would love to see you, here is the link for tickets, there are only a few seats left! 

Breakfast time!! The students love the maize porridge, they also get fruit and pancakes. 

The Nursery students have a new playground of their own this year, thanks to generous donations through Cornerstone Montessori School and Alyssa Keene, I think it might take a couple weeks for the Primary students to realize this isn't for them to use though! 

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