Thursday, March 16, 2017

Visitor Season Is Here!

With the new school year beginning in February comes a constant stream of visitors, volunteers, and groups in Kibaale, and we love it! 

We started the year with Gabriella returning, this is her third year with us which means that she jumps right in and is a huge help with our sponsorship office and hosting. As well she has become like part of our family over these past few years, so we're very excited to have her with us until the summer. 

A family friend from home Jayden arrived next, she will be with us for 2 months and has been great to have here! She is a very talented artist so aside from helping out with the students in Kibaale she is doing a few murals and paintings in different classrooms and at the clinic. 

Joel's best friend from home, Malachi is also here for a couple months! He has been a great help with setting up for groups and just helping out our family as well jumping in with all the activities going on. These two boys have lived a part more than together over the past 10 years but have kept a great friendship, this is a pretty amazing experience to share together! 

Gabriella's mom Sylvia Shury, her friend Linda Peters, and Erin Clark from Village Church with her 3 girls who are 6, 8, and 10 years old were just here for the past 2 weeks! Our kids love visitors, but when kids come they are thrilled, and these girls were especially fun to have around; they did amazing with all the travel, jumped into any activity we had planned for them, and played great with all the students in Kibaale!

One of the highlights for us is going with our visitors to meet their sponsor child, whether the students are super outgoing, or really shy, it's so fun to watch! 

 Not only did everyone in this group sponsor more children themselves while here, 25 of our nursery students got sponsored through their posts on Instagram and Facebook, that is huge!! There are only SEVEN Nursery students still needing sponsors, click here to start sponsoring one of them today! 

Linda and Pauline

Sylvia with Stecia

Erin, Sienna, Hayden, and Bella with Shanitah

Building a mud hut is also a favourite activity with groups, in 10 years this is the first time where it was pouring rain all morning, we delayed as long as possible but finally realized we were going to be mudding this house in the rain! It was very wet, very cold, but so much fun, everyone worked really hard and we were able to get everything done in the day.

This beautiful Mama was so excited to be getting a new house and was also out with us in the pouring rain all morning, she even tried to help out a bit, with a baby on her back! 

Over the past 2 weeks all of the visitors were also hanging out with the students, helping with the Awana program, and going on lots of home visits to give out gift baskets, goats, and new shoes!  

In Kibaale we are still feeling the effects of the awful drought, thanks to donations from so many of you we were able to give away much needed maize flour to over 500 families in our community! 

 Thank you so much to all of our visitors these past 2 months for choosing to serve in Kibaale, we have loved having each one of you!! 

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