Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break Outreach

Every year spring break is one of our favourite times of year, we get to host the Pacific Academy School Outreach team and they are always an amazing group of kids and leaders. 

This year was especially fun for Joel since the boys that were on the team were in Grade 11 like him and his friend who is here, Malachi. The boys were able to jump right in and join the team during classroom devotions, home visits, sports days and school outreach trips. Also one of the leaders was our friend Lizabee who we have lived in Uganda with for several years, it's always a treat to be reunited with great friends here! 

All of our kids were very helpful; joining the team to collect water, take them on hikes, and helped out with sports day stations, they loved this group and wanted to spend as much time with them as they could. 

Getting to deliver gifts from home for sponsored students is always really special.  

Building a mud hut for a student in our school does not get old! We usually get to help out with the building of a few homes each year and our kids love each and every one! 

The team worked really hard, even with a delay in the morning because of rain, to get completed by the end of the day. 

The sun came out after we started but it wasn't too hot of a day which was great. 

Avin's friend from home, Mirah, was also able to join us in Kibaale for a few days with her Dad, Cameron; it was great having them with us! 

We had to walk quite a distance to fetch water to make the mud, but everyone did it with smiles on their faces. 

Our own students in Kibaale go on Outreach themselves each term and one day the team was able to join them as they visited a needy family in the community. They brought them food and clothes, dug in her garden and took the very long walk to water to with their jerry cans to stock up. 

Our friend Cameron showing them their family photo. 

This hike to water is long and steep, and this family only has small children, so it is quite a challenge for them everyday. It was quite a beautiful spot though that we had never been to before! 

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