Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Behind the Scenes at the Zoo!

I love that after 10 years of living in Uganda we are still discovering fun new things to do on our days off! We had a day off all together at the end of the summer and we're so glad we decided to try this out. 

After going on several safaris the zoo isn't the most exciting place to go, but this experience, getting up and close to the animals and feeding them is now up there as a favourite! 

First stop was feeding the lions and leopards. Our guide started off doing this himself but of course asked my children if they wanted a turn too, I was just hoping their hands didn't slip! 

The giraffe are so friendly, and so tall! Always a favourite of our family. 

The shoebill was adorable, he greets you by bowing and let us get nice and close. He was really cute, Joel even gave him a hug. 

My favourite animal is the elephant, I love them on safari, they have so much personality! This was definitely my highlight of the day. 

The elephant just tried to steal baby Isabelle, oops! 

Even though I have seen photos of people with the cheetah's here and we were told they are used to seeing people so are friendly, I was still a bit nervous to have me and my kid this close. They say the only thing you can't be is nervous, they can tell, so just be calm and it's fine. That's a lot harder to do when they start licking your feet and eating your jeans, but I thankfully 
stayed calm!

You're supposed to be a bit older to see the cheetah but our guide let Finn go in quickly. 

These were just the highlights from the day or the best photos to share, but the chimpanzees are worth mentioning as well, we could just watch and interact with them for hours, they're hilarious.

We would definitely recommend this experience if you have a few hours to spend in Entebbe! 

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