Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lately in Uganda

10 sleeps until we see the boys! 

While us girls have been in Canada the boys have been very busy in Uganda working, homeschooling and hosting 2 different teams. Our co-worker Rachel brought a team of 6 other women at the end of September. Many of these women have been supporting different students or ministries in Kibaale for some time, it is always so special to see sponsors meet the students and their families who they have been sponsoring. 

They were also able to raise money to build one of our students a new home, thank you ladies for all of your hard work and support of Kibaale! 

Most recently the Missions Director of Village Church, Randy Watson and his wife Jamie who is an amazing photographer, brought a team of 10 people to help out in all areas of the Kibaale Community Centre, they also came to see how their church can continue to support us in the future. We are so thankful for all of these photos and many more that Jamie took in Uganda! 

Oh I miss him, and even Buff! 

Jeff said in our absence the boys really stepped up and helped him out hosting the teams; organizing things ahead of time and running around behind the scenes to keep things going smoothly. 

With 1,000 students in Kibaale a large part of our teams is spending time in the classrooms with our students. 

Lots of crafts were done this week with the students and they loved it! 

A much needed renovation is starting to take place in all of our classrooms, the team got to help us start with our first class, Nursery A, it looks amazing. 

Sports day

Donations to the carpentry vocational class

Bore hole repairs

New medical supplies! The staff at our medical clinic were thrilled with the much needed donations they were given for the clinic. Some of the team members were nurses and were a huge help at our own clinic in  Kibaale and also with mobile clinics in neighbouring communities 
that saw more than 600 patients during the week. 

Jigger removal at the school

Mobile clinic

Home visits are always a favourite, we love how welcoming our community in Uganda is to all of our visitors. 

This is Rebecca, she is an RN at BC Children's Hospital and we were able to meet her while Avin was admitted there. Rebecca happened to be in the clinic the day that this little boy Noah was rushed in after being hit by a motorcycle. Our clinic was short staffed that day and Rebecca played a major role in helping him get treated and rushed to the nearest hospital 45 minutes away. We're so thankful for God's provision over Noah, having Rebecca who works at a Children's Hospital in Vancouver be right where she was needed on this day in Uganda! 

The girls at the Timothy Girls High School don't get to spend as much time with our teams because they are so busy studying, but we love showing up for one of their amazing chapel services. 

While Jeff was in Canada this summer one of his main fundraising goals was for the next phase of the Timothy Girls High School, thanks to several generous donations given we're now well on our way with the new dormitories which will allow 100 more girls to attend school in February! 

Thank you Village Church team for choosing to serve alongside us in Kibaale! 

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