Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Kuwasha News!

We have a few exciting opportunities to share, all of the new nursery students are up for sponsorship and there are now 2 career opportunities with Kuwasha! 

Every year Kibaale Community School intakes 51 new students into our Nursery class and they are the cutest! Each of these students needs a sponsor and they are up on the website now! 

For $40 a month these children will receive a quality Christian education, school uniform, daily meal and free access to medical care. You can also build a relationship with a child you sponsor; send them emails, photos and updates on your family and they will respond back to you with the help of our social workers. 

100% of your money goes directly towards the child you sponsor and you'll receive a tax receipt.

Here are just a few of the kids you'll find on our website

This is Kemirembe Anitah, she is 5 years old. Anitah lives with her elderly grandmother, who is a peasant farmer, 1 brother and 1 sister in a small mud house, her biological parents abandoned the kids when she was very young. Anitah loves netball! 

This is Nsimenta Laban, he is 5 years old. Laban currently lives with his mother, 1 brother and 1 sister. His father abandoned the family and his mother who is an older woman is a peasant farmer. They live in a mud house with a grass roof; it is in quite poor condition. Laban loves soccer!

This is Namugema Eva, she is 5 years old. Eva currently lives with her father and 3 sisters in an old brick house on a small plot of land. Her father is a peasant farmer; her mother left the family after their divorce. Eva loves dolls! 

We are also hiring a Full Time Program Coordinator for our Canada office, more details are on the website

Or if you are looking to move to Uganda we have a posting for a Program Coordinator that is based here too! 

Feel free to share the sponsorship and career links with anyone you know that would be interested, thank you!! 


RuthAnn Raycroft said...

Hey guys. Love your posts--such a blessing to see! Can I ask--is it possible to become a sponsor and let your group choose the child (i.e., whichever child still needs a sponsor)?

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