Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring Break Part 2: Village Church Families

Our family first came to Uganda 11 years ago, that experience changed our lives which has made us passionate about hosting families in Kibaale! We all loved our time with this amazing group from one of our partners, Village Church

On this trip there were four moms with their kids and one family of four that jumped right in during their time in Kibaale to serve alongside our teachers and social workers. We are also incredibly thankful for all of the generous donations they raised to purchase mosquito nets, school sweaters, and gift baskets. Three families who were in a very bad housing situation will even get new brick homes, amazing!!! 

Home visits! Jeff and I love sharing this incredible experience of seeing your sponsor child in their home and meeting the families. 

There are only a few Nursery students left in need of sponsorship, click here to start supporting a student at the Kibaale Community School today! 

The best way to travel around Kibaale. 

Mosquito nets given out in the community. 

Nets for every nursery and primary students at our school! 

School sweaters 

Sports day

All of the Awana students came to school on Saturday for a special Easter themed VBS program, they had so much fun playing games, singing new songs, but especially learning the Easter story in a brand new way! 

Reunited, we love repeat visitors!! 

Easter crafts

Chapati making lessons at the Vocational school

Mudding a house! Thanks Village Church for the donation to build a new home for one of our students and their family! 

A Saturday afternoon hike for most of the group, a few of the little kids caught a ride, but either way getting to the top is always worth it for the incredible views! 

We spent some time on top of the hill to pray over Kibaale and the families in our community. 

Thank you to the Clark, Heine, Lafleur, Pettie & Wong families for spending your spring break serving alongside us in Kibaale, we loved having you!! 

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