Friday, October 6, 2017

Answers for Avin!

We have a diagnosis, Chronic Osteomyelitis, which is a staph infection in Avin's spine. We're so thankful for quick answers after the biopsy and that she was able to start treatment right away!! This week her many Doctors have been working on a treatment plan, we have heard a few different options over the last few days but they have come to some decisions finally today. 

Avin will be on an IV treatment for the next 6 weeks and she will be admitted into the hospital for that entire time. Right now we're at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, the hospital we're at might change still to Surrey or Langley, but for now we're here and visitors are very welcome!! 

Jeff and the boys are planning to come to BC in mid-November and everyone is very excited for our first Christmas in Canada in quite a few years!! Avin should be out of the hospital by the time the boys arrive, she will then be on oral antibiotics and monitored for the next 6 weeks or so. We hope after that she'll get a clean bill of health and we can all return to Uganda together!

 We are just taking this all one day at a time right now and although there is still some uncertainty in the timeline of everything we are just so thankful that there is a treatment and also for the excellent care Avin has received at BC Children's Hospital! 

Thank you very much for your continued prayers for Avin and for all of us over these next few months! 

Also, if you know of a house for our family to stay in from mid-November until mid-January, send us a message, thank you!!! 

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Unknown said...

So happy for your family Shannon! It is always better knowing the battle than being in the dark. I can't even imagine how scared you all were but ecstatic that there is a plan of attack. Avon get well, get strong, and enjoy BC in our blustery season.

Tami Koppang