Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fast Forwarding Through 2019

It's October 1st and this is the first post on here this year, oops! So let's fast forward through the year really quickly with some highlights and then try to update more regularly. 

J A N U A R Y  had Jeff and I making a quick trip to Vancouver for some fundraising and meetings, we had a layover in New York City enroute which made the long journey back a little bit more fun! 

F E B R U A R Y  was the start of what would be the busiest year for visitors that we've ever had. It was amazing to share Kibaale with so many groups and teams this year, that was definitely a highlight of the year! 

Jeff is giving a tour of Kibaale to our first team of the year, this is his favourite part of the tour, the wall of graduates! These students are now spread across Uganda working as teachers, lawyers, doctors, carpenters, in tourism and so much more! 

"Kibaale Community Centre exists to impact the nation of Uganda through evangelism, discipleship and education." 

 February is the start of the school year in Kibaale, welcoming the new nursery students on their first day is always a highlight for me! 

Avin turned 16 on February 20th!!

M A R C H  is spring break in Canada which always brings the Pacific Academy Outreach team, a highlight for our kids every year! Avin's friend Ally joined us in Uganda for 3 weeks this month and good friends came with their 3 boys, it was a very good month! 

Our family sponsored one of the new nursery students, Lenon! He is the sweetest, we loved meeting his family and seeing where he lives. 

Finn turned 15 on March 20th!! 

A P R I L  brought Joel home from bible school, he had an amazing time but we were all pretty excited to have him back in Uganda! 

Joel meeting Lenon! 

We had 2 teams from Village Church in April, their ministry school came in the first half of the month and a team of nurses came the second half of the month. The nursing team worked alongside our clinic staff on site and helped out with a mobile clinic in Kamuli. 

M A Y  brought Jeff and I to London with Village Church and all of their missionary partners, we all attended the Alpha Leadership Conference together. 

Back at home in Kibaale a team of nursing students from Trinity Western University came with 3 nurses from Village Church for the whole month of May. One of the highlights of their time was doing health education in the school! 

Visitors meeting their sponsor child is always a highlight! 

J U N E 's highlight was Joel being baptized at a lake near our house in Masaka!!! 

These 4 just having fun on home visits! 

J U L Y  finished off our season of visitors with a family from Pacific Academy School that has been  supporting Kibaale since the very beginning, that's 30 years! 

Taking in one of our favourite views in Uganda at Lake Mburo. 

Kevin is from Wagner Hills, an addiction rehab centre in BC. He's been working alongside Vicent from the Kibaale Community Centre since May. They have been meeting with people in the community who are trying to get over alcohol addictions. We're amazed by the relationships these two are building and the interest there already is! 

We're heading to Canada for the month of August so we're soaking up all the time we can with the kids in Kibaale! 

The kids are soaking up all the time they can with their puppy Buff! 

Last sunset in Kibaale for the 6 of us for a while, we're not sure when Joel will be back here with us, he's staying in BC to go to Trinity Western University

A U G U S T  brings our family to BC, but first we spent a few days in Barcelona! 

Joel turned 19 on August 7th!! 

Meeting our new niece Marlowe was a favourite day in BC. 

Beautiful British Columbia indeed! We loved our time visiting with friends and family; the kids all had a chance to go to a summer camp and we were all able to explore a few new lakes and beaches. 

The Village Church Golf Tournament is something we had been talking about and planning for over a year so to have this day finally arrive and for it to be a such a HUGE success was amazing, the favourite day of the summer for our entire family! 

$1,225,000 was raised in one day for building projects in Kibaale, unreal!!

Dropping Joel off at university was very bittersweet, we're so excited for him but the reality that we're returning to Uganda without him definitely sunk in on that day. 

S E P T E M B E R  is back to Uganda and back to school! Avin is in grade 11, Finn is in grade 10 and Mazzy is in grade 7!! 

It is also back to school in Uganda, September is the start of term 3. 

Mazzy turned 12 on September 29th!!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Gift of a Home

Houses in a rural village in Uganda look different than houses do in North America. One of these differences would be the size of the house, there might be a small sitting room but the home is mostly just used for sleeping. Sometimes a mattress is on the ground that many children would share but most often families sleep on a grass mat. Cooking is done on open fire so the kitchen is outside or in a separate shelter, as is the latrine. 

There is a difference though between homes being culturally different and simply not being a safe place to live. When a student joins the Kibaale Community Centre we care for their entire family and a big part of that is making sure they have a clean and safe home to live in.

Since the students who join our school come from the most vulnerable families in our community, many of them have homes that need repairs or are already beyond repair. We are so thankful for the student sponsors and our partners; Village Church, Coast Hills Community Church, and Pacific Academy School, who have come alongside these families to build them new homes. 

Laban, his older brother, and mother lived in this round mud hut that was 27 square feet inside. Jeff measured it many times to check. The family was sitting on a bench leaned against the wall to sleep since it was not big enough for even Laban to lay down. The house was also in a swamp that was not able to grow any food, we are so thankful their situation has changed! 

They are now feeling very at home in their new brick home on a piece of land that they are finally able to farm on! 

Bridget's family had no place to live so someone in the village allowed them to build a temporary shelter on their land, we were shocked when she came to the office to tell us that this is where her and 8 others in her family were living for the past 2 months. When a team from Village Church had a donation for land and a mud home package we new the timing was perfect to help Bridget's family! 

The team and our vocational students mudding the new home last week! 

Bridget's Mom is hard at work on her new home! 

Frank and Betty are two new nursery students that received new homes this summer thanks to a fundraiser some of our recent visitors started! 

Natasha's home was leaking very badly, we knew that this roof would not survive the next rainy season. 

Their new home! 

Moses and his new home! 

Thank you to everyone who has given towards new homes for students and their families, this year we have built 6 mud homes and 14 brick homes, what an incredible gift

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our Summer in Kibaale

We've loved spending this summer in Uganda, especially hosting families in Kibaale! Since June there has been 50 visitors here, 21 of those were kids, which has been a lot of fun.

Since the Kibaale Community Centre has 4 schools with over 1,000 students on campus, a busy medical clinic, and many community programs there is an area for everyone to help out. We are so thankful for the generosity of our visitors; choosing to spend their time here, teaching in many different areas, and also giving gifts to their sponsor children and the community.  

Home visits are always a favourite part of coming to Kibaale! It definitely changes the experience of sponsorship when you get to meet the student you sponsor and get to know them and their family. 

The best sports days include a dance party. 

The water station was another favourite on this very hot day! 

The kids worked really well together planning and organizing this event for the Nursery students. 

Mud hut! We are so thankful for the fundraising efforts so that one of our students could get a much needed new home this summer! 

Avin spent last summer in Arizona with her friend Sophia, it was great having her and the entire Currie family on our side this summer! 

They apparently feel very strongly about this statement. 

This is moments before a mud fight! 

Nurses in training. 

Sweet little babies. 

Every week our nursing staff go into a different village nearby to provide immunizations, weight checks and deworming pills to that community. 

We are very thankful that 2 of the families planned and brought over all of the Christmas crafts that our students will make for their sponsors. It's a lot of work so we have to start in the summer, but having all these extra hands here made it go a lot smoother this year! 

Tea time! 

Sunset views! 

That's a lot of kids! 

Us minus Joel, he had to leave Uganda for 2 weeks to write an English final. 

Straforelli Family

Roberts Family

The girls

The boys

All 6 of us reunited!! 

Currie Family

Boulton Family

Thanks again friends for serving alongside us in Kibaale, it was an amazing summer!