Sunday, December 27, 2020

Goodbye 2020


Happy New Year! 

As with most of the world we're pretty ready to say goodbye to 2020! Although this past year didn't go as planned, there are a lot of things we can be thankful for, like our family and everyone we work with in Uganda being healthy! We are also incredibly thankful to have the best co-workers who truly care about the community of Kibaale, they worked so hard from day one to adapt to restrictions and changes to make sure everyone was being cared for as well as always. 

We are also proud of our kids for adapting to a year that did not go as planned. They had great attitudes, worked hard on their school and quickly jumped in to be an extra set of hands when needed in Kibaale. 

The hardest part of the year was being on the other side of the world from Joel and not knowing when we'd be able too see him again. We were overwhelmed with how everything did finally fall into place though and we were able to fly to Canada at the end of September. 

We arrived in Vancouver but had to quarantine for 14 days, this photos was taken on our first day out of quarantine when we were able to hug Joel and go outside for a walk! 

Joel proposed to Courtney soon after we arrived, he wanted to wait until we were around to celebrate with them! We are so excited to welcome Courtney into our family, they will be getting married in July! 

Our time in Canada was spent in the cutest little town, Fort Langley, which is where Joel attends university. He lives on campus but it was so nice having him just a couple minute drive away! The COVID restrictions changed a few times while we've been here, but we're thankful for the time we did have with family and friends and that we were always able to go for walks! 

Our kids started rock climbing at a gym nearby while we've been home and that has been such a gift! It is something that is fun but also really challenging; there is a group of friends that they are able to meet and climb with and it has stayed open through all the restrictions and changes! 

Snow in Fort Langley on the first day of winter! 

Love seeing these 4 reunited, we are so thankful for these few months here! 

We are preparing to return to Uganda in a few weeks, and it's always bittersweet. Leaving some of our family behind is hard but we are feeling refreshed and ready for this next season in Uganda! Schools are slowly reopening there and that is what we're most excited about, seeing a full campus in Kibaale again! 

So goodbye 2020, we are very much looking forward to a fantastic 2021! 

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