Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kibaale Health Centre III

We are so excited to have finished the major renovation to the Kibaale Clinic, it is now officially operating as a Health Centre III! 

Even with the slight delay due to the COVID pandemic we completed this major renovation and construction of new buildings in just 11 months! It is already such a blessing to the whole community of Kibaale, we are so thankful to Village Church and the generous Golf Tournament fundraiser that took place in Canada last August! 

One of the most exciting decisions that was made early on was to buy as much of the supplies locally as we could. We also hired 120 workers from the community of Kibaale, many of those older siblings or parents of students from the school! By employing people from Kibaale and by buying local supplies first, this project put $350,000 right into our own community.

Let's go on a tour of the new Health Centre!! 

This is the original location of the Kibaale Community Clinic, which still exists as a day clinic although it was expanded and renovated. This building also has the reception for the whole health centre and our laboratory; which now has an upgraded digital microscope that is especially helpful in diagnosing malaria and a brand new CBC machine! 

Rebecca in reception

Brand new open air waiting room

Renovated Pharmacy

Brand new digital microscope

Covered walkways from the clinic to the overnight ward and maternity unit

Towards the maternity unit

Jeff and Dominic, our construction manager have worked very hard over the past year completing this project, but even before construction began they were working on the plans, meeting with our medical team and X Architecture to design the entire Health Centre! 

It was very exciting when we could start cleaning and moving beds in! 

The midwives had a lot of control over setting this up and have done a great job! 

One of four labour suites

Our friend and one of the teacher's at Kibaale Primary School, Miriam, was the very first to give birth at the new maternity unit, with twins which is so special!! 

Babies are pretty much my favourite thing ever so this was a very good day!! 

There have already been more than 30 babies born at the new maternity unit! There are very few safe, clean places like this for women to give birth in this region of Uganda!

Walking back towards the overnight ward and the health clinic.

The overnight ward building also has a staff room, storage rooms and then a male, female, and children's ward. 

We've already had more than 100 people using the ward since it opened on August 3rd!

You can see in this older photo above the building with the roof that is a different colour is the only existing building. 

Here are the buildings all complete! 

Opening the Kibaale Health Centre has been years of dreaming, praying and planning, to see it complete and being used every day is overwhelming and a huge answer to prayer.

 We are extremely thankful to Village Church for choosing Kuwasha as the recipient of the Golf Tournament last year, to everyone who so generously gave and was involved in that event, to everyone in Canada who has helped with the plans and a very special thank you to the amazing staff in Kibaale who have been working so hard to make sure that this is built well, within budget, and on time. 

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