Sunday, August 9, 2020

The One Where They Went to Murchison

Jeff and I both had birthdays recently so we decided to celebrate with a trip to Murchison Falls, our favourite national park in Uganda! 

As far as safaris go it was a huge success, we saw 4 leopards hanging out in trees, 4 lions, even the cutest tiny cub, and hundreds of giraffes, buffalo and elephants. The most memorable part of our trip was a family of elephants that decided to charge our family! 

Of course the trip didn't go exactly as planned; the safari vehicle was having problems our whole drive up North so we had to stop early and have the vehicle switched out, the next day we reached the hotel we had booked but it was having problems so we had to switch to another place, but that was complicated to get to because a ferry was closed due to flooding. It's always an adventure traveling around Uganda but we love it! 

Avin made a video of our family safari including the charging elephants, check it out here! 

This was a really nice family of elephants, not charging us at all! 
We stopped counting how many giraffes we saw around 200!
It's always special to find a male lion!
2 leopards hanging out in a tree, leopards are really shy so we got to see them jump down but then they just hid in the grass.
Elephants are our very favourite, even when they are scary! So much personality.
Cheers to turning 43!

We got to see this lion climb down the tree to protect her sweet little cub.
This is the youngest lion cub we have seen on safari!
Lions are usually pretty boring and sleepy when we see them on safari, but getting to see them so close up makes it more exciting! 
One of the charging lions, it seemed so sweet when we first stopped to watch. 

The rest of the family starting to getting angry!

I was finally feeling far enough away here to get a photo of the charging elephants, but I was definitely still afraid! 

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