Friday, October 12, 2007

Going to Uganda

In January 2008 our family is Going to Uganda ….again!! We are going over with Pacific Academy Outreach Society, staying on their school campus in Kibaale (its pronounced chi-ball-ee). Kibaale is about 4 hours South of Kampala, and almost 2 hours South of Mpigi. They have some exciting ministries that we can’t wait to get involved in. Our main role will be in development and managing their construction projects; which includes the building of “The Timothy Centre”, its location will be closer to Kampala and used as a training facility for pastors, teachers and medical staff. We will also be working with groups and teams as they come over.

As well we are able to remain involved in the Peace Portal Children’s Village in Mpigi (where we just served for 4 months). We will be the eyes and ears in Uganda for PPAC.

Please contact us at if you would like to receive our support letter. We are committing to be in Uganda for 2 years at this time and are in need of support, both in prayer and financially.


rachel synchyshyn said...

loving the new family photo!

Brent White said...

Beautiful family photos,
and great post, I'm so excited for you guys.

Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

Hi you dont know me but i'm volunteering in Jinja and i was connected to your site through Jenny's site and i noticed in your july 9th post a girl with a Providence College tee shirt on and I went to and graduated from Providence College from 03 to 06! Small world! I have a blog too! Praying foryour guys- love amy

Heather & Rick said...

HI- just wanted to say blessings on you guys and we will keep you in our prayers. My husband and I are moving to Mozambique long term next spring. I read about your family in Focus on the Family- I think taking your kids over and showing them the world is the most wonderful gift you can ever give them. God Bless you guys! check out our blog at
Heather and Rick Neufeld