Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Construction, Community and Corona

Our days have definitely looked a bit different lately. Schools are shut down, our ability to drive between Masaka and Kibaale is very limited, construction continues but on a much smaller scale and there are strict guidelines in regards to giving out food assistance. Our health centre is open still, but it's not without some fear towards COVID-19. During this time we have been working with our staff to continue creatively helping our students, their families and the community of Kibaale. 

One of the biggest changes to our normal work day was the new rules put in place by the President to not give out food in the community. At this time when our community is especially hurting by the work restrictions and rising costs of food and soap, they are more in need of our help than ever. Thankfully the Kibaale Community Centre has a long standing relationship with our local government and they have realized that they can not help everyone in this community without us. So they have asked us to continue giving out special gifts and food assistance to families in need. We are keeping with social distancing rules, the new curfew, and are involving the police and government to make sure our community is helped. We are so thankful for all of your donations and support to help Kibaale in this way! 

Twinning with Cossy! 

This is not what a usual home visit looks like, I just wanted to give everyone a hug, sit down, and visit, but we're thankful for the opportunity to still help in this way. 

Construction can continue but everyone working has to live on site and we are only able to use materials we had on hand. So yes things carry on, just slowly. 

Jeff and Dominic, our construction manager, are staying at a distance while walking through the maternity clinic to check on the progress. 

One of the four delivery rooms. 

Shaban is doing some painting and touch ups in the reception area. 

Grass is being planted outside, this is the overnight ward building. 

Our family is doing very well; we are so thankful to be in Uganda where we feel right at home, to continue with our work, school, and to have this beautiful weather and yard to enjoy together! 

If you are in a position yourself to help a family in Kibaale, you can can donate Family Food Assistance which will provide them with maize flour, rice, beans and soap for the month.

Thank you!!

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