Friday, April 3, 2020

Greetings from our family in Uganda!

We started 2020 with everything going as planned! 

 The construction crew in Kibaale had been working hard through term break to get the primary school renovation complete for the first day of school.

Although the majority of work was to the outside buildings; a new roof, and installing a new water collection system, the inside was also freshened up! All the classrooms were painted, given new chalkboards and the windows were replaced. 

First day of school!

Meeting all the new nursery students is always a highlight of our day. 

Finn was very excited to have all the kids back to play soccer with. 

Mazzy loves being in the classrooms with the younger kids. 

Just a couple weeks after school began our first visitors of the year arrived, Erin Clark and her 3 girls. This was their fourth trip to Kibaale and first time coming without a team, which was a unique experience for them. It was such a great trip! It was so nice to see their family continue to build relationships with staff and students that they have been getting to know these past four years. Our kids all had a really great time together; organizing crafts, going on home visits, and also being creative making videos, writing songs and having Survivor challenges. 

Although this was to be the first group of a busy team season, it was actually the only group that went as planned!

 As news of COVID-19 came out we decided to be proactive and have the families of all our new students come to the centre for education on hand washing. The families all left with soap and a new goat. 

 Uganda does not have a lot of cases of COVID-19 but they are taking drastic measures to maintain that. We are on lockdown from April 1-14 and schools are closed until the end of the month. However, an updated list of rules seems to be changing daily. 

We are working alongside the other Directors in Kibaale, our social workers and the local government leaders to best help the vulnerable community of Kibaale during this difficult time. Our hope is to be able to give food and supplies to families as needed. The price of food and soap has risen significantly in the last week and it's very hard for people who live day to day to meet the needs of their families right now. 

If you are looking for a way to practically help out in Kibaale you can donate Family Food Assistance, for $40 you can provide a family with food and soap for an entire month. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and for Kibaale

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